Tips for Preparing for Moving Day with Kids

Moving is a taxing event. The stress gets heightened when you are moving with your kids. However, following some useful tips, you are less likely to stress out during relocation.

Here are some of the basic tips for preparing for moving day with kids:

Try to do the packing in their sleeping hours

Consider packing up the house when your kids are asleep. It is difficult to focus on packing when you are constantly interrupted by your kids in some manner! It is likely for your kids to feel curious as well as anxious, seeing you packing. You can consider leaving a box of toys out until the very end. This will keep them engaged while you look into your various moving tasks.

Ask your kids to help you out
You can actually get your children involved in the moving chores! They might actually end up being of great help to you! In case friends or relatives show interest in wanting to serve you, you can ask them to entertain the kids. Try to keep your kids engaged in a place where there is less of the moving chaos. You can even ask your reliable friends or relatives to take the kids out of the house. This will help you to focus well.

Ask your kids to do some of the packings
You can ask for a helping hand from your kids at the time of packing. In case people want to help you pack, you need to make sure that you are prepared with the right supplies. Try not to ask them to pack family heirlooms or mementos.

Before the arrival of the moving day, you can have your children help with the task of organizing. You can make them clean your home. You can allow them to pack their own travel bag. Make sure that they have a good number of comfort items. These include blankets, a favored stuffed animal, and their pacifier. When it comes to older children, you can let them pick out certain awesome snacks. Make sure that they also carry small hobby items that will make the moving trip enjoyable for them!

Get color-coded duct tape
Make sure to collect color-code duct tape. You can actually color code all of our boxes with duct tape. Try to safely label the boxes of your kids’ items with colored tape. Use different colored tapes for every kid. This will make it interesting for your kids.

Plan early and plan well
You must plan beforehand when it comes to moving. And when you have kids, it gets doubly important for you to plan earlier. You must put a good deal of thought into your moving plan, especially when you have kids. You might need to come up with a variety of strategies to make your kids feel at ease at the time of moving.

Get rid of useless items at night
Your junk might include some worn-out toys or playthings that are still dear to your kid. While your kids might not be playing with such items presently, their sentiments might, somewhat, be attached with those items. So, you can get rid of such useless items in the night time, when your kids are likely to be asleep.

Use online yard sale
This is often considered to be a win-win situation! By throwing a grand yard sale, you can not only get rid of the useless items but also earn good money. You can inform your kids about the sale and they will be pretty interested in the whole concept. You can ask for their help in arranging the yard sale in the backyard!

Arrange one box or suitcase for every family member
You must pack each family member one suitcase. You might be facing temporary housing. Things get simpler in such times when you have one box meant for every kid. Also, your kids feel valued. It gets easier for you and them to separate their items. Thus, they can easily find things on each temporary stop along the way.

Try to give your kids a pleasant surprise
You can actually buy some new toys for the move. You can plan a trip to your favorite family restaurant for the very end. You must never show that you are sad about leaving the old place, in front of your kids. Empathize with them and tell them that a new adventure is lying ahead of you. You can surprise your kids by buying them something to cheer them up when moving. Keep their spirits high during the event. At least, make little attempts to do so.

Bid farewell to your old house
In order to properly bid farewell to your old home, you can arrange for a little party. You can invite all of you as well as your child’s friends for a little farewell party. This can lighten your kids’ moods up! Encourage your kids to put up a cute little show that might involve some singing, dancing, skits etc.

Try to make your kids feel at ease
Moving can be emotionally as well as physically draining, more so for your kids. So, you need to handle them with special care during this crucial event. You can make them familiarize with the new locality and the people there, before moving. This will make them feel more at ease, once the move is completed. Keep in mind that children feel anxious when they have to face the unknown. So, it is important for you to make things, somewhat, known to them from beforehand.

You can get a collection of fun things to do for the kids. This will keep them engaged on moving day. This can keep your kids really busy and interested. The special kit might include markers, crayons, a coloring book, a sticker book, playdough, etc. You can try to make this extra special by giving them their bundle of activities on a moving day. This way they are bound to feel fresh and excited.